Services – The Toro Touch

Toro Ya Africa’s unique touch can be seen from its mission statement, which includes:

  • Being a customer-focused industry leader in low-cost affordable housing
  • Producing the best possible home by using quality, SABS-approved building materials
  • Maximising the potential of all employees
  • Fulfilling the company’s social responsibilities
  • Protecting the environment at all costs.

The following strategies enable Toro consistently to deliver on its mission.

A unique low-cost housing construction process in which Toro procures all material, and mortar and concrete produced in bulk at a Batching Plant, then delivered to site.This method allows  improved quality control and reduces the amount of heavy labour required on site, allowing for a greater proportion of women on site.On site, building teams for each of the trades are formed on site from local subcontractors , and training provided where necessary.

The ‘new generation’ low-cost’ home which is a substantial improvement RPD-type ‘matchbox house’. With an enlarged area of 42m2, the house comprises a living area, a kitchen area, two bedrooms with doors and a full bathroom.

Construction materials include normal maxi bricks, pitched roof.

Project management by an independent project manager to ensure compliance with time, cost and quality requirements. A unique bar coding system procurement flow are maintained on site. Toro’s project management skills and associated information technology infrastructure make the company –track projects.

A system-driven, outcomes-based management monitoring procedure that enables both head office and site management to identify and measure the daily/monthly progress, profitability and potential shrinkage loopholes and all its sites. This allows for corrective taken, primarily by means of additional  training. Routine training  is also done on a monthly basis to ensure that all staff are familiar with the company’s vision, mission, policies and procedure. Cost control and analysis are another priority, and monthly meetings are held to facilitate manager participation and awareness.

Community upliftment through employment creation and social investment. The immediate and long-term effects of community development are numerous.Only local labour is employed, except where suitable skills are unavailable – in which case ‘imported’ artisans pass on their knowledge and skills to hired locals who can in due course sub-contract on their own. As homeowners begin to expand or upgrade their homes, a secondary building industry involves in these areas, leading to sustained to community upliftment.

This interfaces with Toro’s social responsibility policy, which also includes sponsoring courses for employees and community members ; supporting community projects; and sponsoring sports teams.