Toro Community Involvement

Empowerment For All

Toro Ya Africa is committed to the creation and development of an enabling environment for  effective black economic empowerment within the organisation. The company believes the importance of the small – and medium enterprise (SME) sector in the economy, and is committed to providing support and opportunities for the growth and development for  black SMEs.

50% BEE private company specializing in the Development and Construction of:-

  • New generation RPD Housing – Services and Top Structures
  • Affordable and Integrated Housing – Full Turnkey Developments
  • Student housing / Accommodation –Full Turnkey Developments
  • General Construction

Our company has been BBBEE rated as per the BBBEE Act (Act no. 53 of 2003) and the Codes of Good Practice (published in 2007) during August 2007.

Our company accordingly obtained the following level of compliance:-

  • Generic turnover of more than R35 million
  • Level 4 Contributor (Procurement Recognition Level 100%)
  • BBBEE Certified

One of Toro’s core missions, other than the construction of houses and related infrastructure, is the “Growing Of More Sustainable Communities”. One way in which this is achieved is by giving communities the skills and tools to take charge of their own growth and development once construction in their area has been completed. Two areas are focused on community development and construction skills transfer.

Community Of Development

This comprises initiatives such as:

  • provision of primary health care (Home-based care) services to the community
  • building of a local creche or homes for child-led families, and
  • training and employing local community members to serve as community security guards

Toro Social Responsibility

Toro has sponsored various homes to deserving members of the community. Please click on the thumbnails for letters from Government.

Construction Skills Transfer

This occurs by providing hands- on and in- house training programs to local contractors so that, on completion of the project, they will have marketable skills which they can utilise to obtain sustainable employment. Toro’s management structure aims to maximise a project’s benefit to local community.At the peak of a project, approximately 250 local community members are employed per modular site, producing between 200 and 300 housing units per month.

Toro Ya Africa Development Cricket League

Toro is also very proud to sponsor the Toro Ya Africa Development League In the North West Province which helps children develop their skills and participate in Cricket Tournaments.

Congratulations to the below   players, In the Individual awards the following players received awards for:

  • Best Batsman for the match: Johnny Kekana (Promoso Team Captain) Scored 52 Runs off 41 balls scoring seven fours)
  • Best Bowler for the match:Undokuhle Njobe (Khuma) who took 5 wickets for 44 runs in six overs
  • Player of the League: Alex Meyer for his performances